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Last month we held an invitation-only Silverlight Pivot Summit on campus. They were kind enough to let us record it for Niners. We'll air the five parts throughout the week. 

Mark Bramley discusses Static and Just-in-Time Silverlight PivotViewer collections and why you would want to use one over the other. Mark continues by explaining the data formats and concepts required to build a web server that serves Just-in-Time collections for PivotViewer, a new visualization technology delivered as a Silverlight control. This control helps visualize large collections of items in a more useful, powerful and organized way.

Below are links to resources which will help you get started with the PivotViewer Control today:

· Silverlight PivotViewer Download and Technical Documentation: here
· Collection Building Tools by Live Labs: here
· PivotViewer Community Forum: here
· First customer implementation: Hitched, a leading UK wedding planning site



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