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Truth be told, I'm just a huge fan of the Arc Mouse. I like everything about it and along with earbuds and phone it's a gadget that I always tend to have in my pocket. Recently while sitting on hold I spent far too long fascinated by the mouse and all the considerations that were taken in by the designers. It's time we introduce you to the folks who come up with Microsoft's hardware. They are Ralf Groene, Team Manager, Design Leads Monique Chatterjee and Jan Raken, and Industrial Designers Kate Bailey, Lindsey Kujawski, Chris Kujawski, and Anthony Reed.

I would have loved to show you the area they work in, but because far too many forthcoming miracles are in various states of foam and sketch around the room, it wasn't to be. But suffice to say it's one of the coolest spaces I've seen yet with offices circling a common space with Foosball and a kegerator. No cube farms here. So join me and meet the people who make it easy to take gadget comfort for granted.



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