Microsoft HD5000 and HD5001 Webcams

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    No Skype HD support.


    Why is it so hard for Microsoft and Skype to corporate and get HD working out of the box?


    Is not Skype the #1 video software?



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    Nice.  The LifeCam Cinema is my favorite because of its noise cancelling microphone.

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    There are things you can do that are... off the menu. See Scott Hanselman's blog for details on getting HQ video chats through Skype. I'm looking forward to full support in many chats too, but right now it appears to be on the cusp of its time, hardware-wise.



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    What I'd really like is a camera like these or the Cinema HD with an ethernet port on the back and be able to point media player at it. Having it encode to MP4/h.264 and present the video as a stream so multiple devices could access it.

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    Nice, available in the UK?

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    having ethernet and the video encoding would make the device cost more, you can buy hires ethernet cameras but they are not low cost.

    to do it you have to put a small computer inside with enough cpu power and ram to do the frame proceessing buffering and all the stuff of doing video streaming...

    hardware keeps getting better so in time it will get to a lower cost but not yet....

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    Can the PC control the web cam, make it swivle to a different position?  Can it work as a motion and sound detector, signaling events on the PC when motion is detected in the room?  Basically use the web cam as part of a security surveilance system.


    The internet based surveillance cameras don't allow a PC program to control the camera to the degree I would like. ( based on cursory research. )



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    My Lifecam Cinema software has some software tracking, but you can't control the hardware. We are actually using Lifecam Cinemas now to do interviews with MS employees around the world from our studio.

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