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Daniel Anguiano sat down with us to show us Microsoft's newest webcam, the LifeCam Cinema. This is the best webcam on the market today with full HD resolution, an incredible framerate, and the ability to compensate for low light conditions to give excellent picture quality.


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The Discussion

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    may be used in home surveillance

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    Hello My name is Andrew and I recently did a Video review of the Lifecam Cinema , I also did a Side by Side comparison with the Logitech 9000. I thought you might be interested in seeing it since Microsoft made a press release on the product on August 20th. Also I dont think anyone else has done any type of review on the product.

    I have a Podcast/Webcasting Network and we Switched over to using Two Lifecam Cinemas. We have around 50,000 listeners a week and I have recived many emails from them asking Questions about the Camera ( Thats the reason why I made the Review)

    Hope you enjoy the Video
     Andrew Zarian

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