Microsoft's 92 Megapixel Camera

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Today we announced a new larger format 92 megapixel camera for aerial photography. You may not have even known that Microsoft makes cameras, but this is how we get the really good quality from the Bird's Eye view on Live Maps. Stemming from an acquisition of Vexcel several years ago, the UltraCamLp is the latest in aerial photography. Whereas the previous UltraCamL was 64 megapixel, the UltraCamLp at 92 megapixels takes photos that are natively 11,704 x 7,920 pixels, making it the largest footprint medium format camera system for small aircraft.

Wait, you say, medium format? Does that mean there is a large format camera? Why yes, that would be the UltraCamXp coming in at a whopping 196 megapixels. The UltraCamLp will be in service in flying season 2010.

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