Mount Logan Update: May 15, 2007

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When I left the Mt. Logan expedition late last week, they were still waiting for the bad weather to lift to fly in to King’s Trench and begin the ascent. Right now, 8 people have made it to the glacier and setup camp. Five more are waiting for a ride; apparently a downdraft damaged the only plane that flies in and out on the Canadian side (yes, the one in the picture.) Meanwhile, the team is moving forward to camp 1 with about 500 pounds of food, watch them here on Live Maps.

As you can see on the map, the place they are moving across right now is one of the more dangerous areas on the mountain. To the south they have the danger of avalanche (all are wearing detectors, for what it’s worth) and to the north they have the danger of crevasses.

Michael Singer of Information Week asks where the Microsoft fans are. We're all over the place, but he can find a few of them right here. Wednesday night we gathered around and watched a slideshow of the days pictures with Windows Photo Gallery and then traded songs on our Zunes until dawn (is there a better way to share music without getting out of a warm tent?)

More updates, pictures, and video to follow.

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