NAB: Silverlight in 3D

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    Very cool, the day is coming when Media Center and Extenders will toggle this on/off automatically with optional override.  A good starting point though would be to enable this on XBox for games.

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    anaglyph? seriously?

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    It's seriously anaglyph only if you watched the first 4 minutes of the video. Smiley Fast forward to 4:15 to see the part about 3DTV support.


    Check out my blog for full details on the demo:

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    That's what I said when I walked up to it. Smiley  Actually, it doesn't look bad. The higher bit item here is that it's doing anaglyph live on the fly. It can also do 'real' 3D, but most people can't do anything with that right now. So anaglyph (in color and BW) are decent options for others.


    Of course, as I mention in the video, you don't have to watch in 3D at all if you don't want. Options are good.

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