New Version of Foldershare Available

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Today the Windows Live FolderShare team launched their new blog. Along with it comes an all-new version of FolderShare that includes better performance and a better SysTray.

FolderShare is a cloud storage service that lets you sync your Favorites, Files, & documents. You can share them with family and friends, and sync files up to 2GB. It works on Mac and/or PC.

Try it out now, free of course.

The Discussion

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    Aleksei Vassiljev

    The last time I tried it - it was not working with 64 bit OS.

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    Alastair Maggs

    Great product, been using it a long time.  What would be ideal, for me, is if this was released for Windows Home Server too.  That way, when I'm working away, my desktop can sleep, rather than having two machines, at home, always on.  The Homeserver could act as a 'sync hub' of sorts, with my desktop and laptop using it as a master resource and, obviously with it being a Homeserver, it would always be on which would stop the occassional 'double version' problem when I've worked on two copies of the same file on different machines before it's had the chance to sync up.

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