New version of Live Maps launched

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A new version of Live Maps was launched that include support for Firefox, subscription to collections via RSS feeds, and (my favorite) ratings and reviews for businesses.You can drag and drop ordering on your scratchpad.

There are new traffic and driving direction enhancements, so you can toggle to see real-time traffic flow, incidents, and the itinerary display got an update. There is a plugin for Microsoft Outlook that brings maps, travel planning and location-based features into your Inbox (more on that here).

Also really cool is a new feature that lets you calculate area and draw on Live maps, so now you can see how many acres a football field takes up, or how big your local park is. And no longer do you have to put full addresses (city/state/zip) in your search, if the map is already on your city, just plug in the street address and it will go right there.

Read more on the Live Maps blog.

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