Nitin Bhandari on Skyfire's 1.5 Update

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Nitin Bhandari from Skyfire was in town and stopped by the Channel 9 studio to talk to us about their latest release, version 1.5. As Gizmodo so boldly put it, version 1.5 has "more speed, less ugly", so it has that going for it. Along with that, Skyfire includes full VGA support for VGA and wVGA resolutions, fat finger UI changes, smooth (kenetic) scrolling, a full screen mode sans chrome, as well as some perf improvements on both client and server (pages are first rendered on Skyfire servers).

Skyfire is still the only mobile desktop browser, and by that I mean you can enjoy almost any file type you would on a desktop machine on your Windows Mobile phone, including Flash (v.10) video, Silverlight (1.5) video, QuickTime and full AJAX support.

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    Cool, like the speed, like the features, only thing I miss is Multi-Touch  (a throwback from the iPhone but works well on the other Mobile browsers)

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