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Today we announced the availability of the Facebook and Windows Live Messenger plug-ins for the Outlook Social Connector in Microsoft Office. Outlook users can now connect their Facebook accounts and their Windows Live Messenger accounts to their inboxes, making it possible for people to add Facebook and Windows Live Messenger friends from within Outlook, and view status updates and photos right next to an email.

The Outlook Social Connector is one of the new features standard in Office 2010, and new with this release is support for Office 2003 and Office 2007.



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The Discussion

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    Why wants the LinkedIn provider always to install the OSC on my Outlook2010? Is it because I'm using the 64 bit version and the LinkedIn just supports 32 bit?

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    ok.. So if how do you connect a user to facebook? I use outlook for work, not necessarily personal emails. My facebook is under my personal email, my friend's emails are under their personal emails. Now, how can this connector work? There is no way to "map" a user in outlook to facebook, or others. Maybe I am missing something, but I see this as a major shortcoming.

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    It looks like it is mapped on email1 address.  You can put your friends personal email address in email1 field and put their work address in email2 field.


    I agree this is not ideal.

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    My contact pictures in Outlook are not updating from the facebook/linked in photos.  Should they?

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    Tune Up

    I’ve been curious to see what the new features will be like in Office 2010, so thanks for highlighting this! I think the social connector sounds like the perfect tool for a convenience lover like me. I’m glad this connects to Facebook, but do you know if this also connects to Twitter? 

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    Does it store any of our facebook and live messenger password inside the outlook program? I have some concern here as it may pose some security issues especially using outlook program connected through the shared network.

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