Outlook Social Connector for Outlook 2010

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One of the new features we're announcing today at PDC is the Outlook Social Connector SDK. This is a new way to integrate social networking data into Office Outlook 2010. Too busy with the @Ch9Live show to tell you too much more but check out the video. Smiley



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    If you want to build social or other types of Apps that run inside Outlook using Silverlight have a look at our developer API  at www.redcritter.com

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    Hmmm, seems a lot like Xobni which has been out for a few years and the MS tried to acquire...doesn't it?

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    if you found this interesting, i'd love to hear from you - that's me (Dev) in the video - msg me @devbala on Twitter to share your thoughts with the Outlook team.

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    wher the F do i download?

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