Photosynth Solves Crimes the Cool Way

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If like many of us, you can't get enough Photosynth in your daily digital diet, make sure you check out CSI: NY tonight because Microsoft's Photosynth is going to make an appearance. The story is that a counselor is murdered at a prom and all the camera phone photos are fed into Photosynth where a 3D world is constructed for investigators to wander through as they solve the mystery.

Apparently CSI characters are going to be showing up with Tablet PCs and UMPCs in an effort to go paperless. Now, the sidebar on the USA Today story is a little confusing. It mentions HD View as being "still in the labs". In fact, you can play with HD View today. And don't forget PhotoZoom, which already lets you experience large pictures easily.

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    That sounds neat. I'll be sure to watch it. Microsoft should try getting their products/research stuff into popular TV shows and movies more, and have the characters actually utilize it. That'll definitely get more attention than just a bunch of web ads.

    I'm going to watch it. Haven't watched CSI: NY for awhile.

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