Quick UI with WPK in Windows PowerShell

Play Quick UI with WPK in Windows PowerShell
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Join James Brundage, PowerShell Tester, as he demonstrates how to Write quick user interfaces with WPK.  This video should help people get started writing rich WPF user interfaces in PowerShell script.  WPK is available as part of the PowerShellPack, which is available on the Windows 7 resource kit CD and on CodeGallery (https://code.msdn.microsoft.com/PowerShellPack) .

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The Discussion

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    I'm not getting any sound....

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    Are you running XP on a Dell machine? Just curious..


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    Hi James and the rest of the PS team.


    While PowerShell truly is a powerful shell, the power is countered by the low readability of the scripts IMO. I love PowerShell, I REALLY do, and I use it on a daily basis. However, I'm not particularly impressed by the claim that you can write anything (in any programming language) in fewer lines. Is it just me? I would have been much more impressed if the WPK made it possible to create input forms (not controls) much more easily than either method (WPK or old-school) allows me to at the moment. The data visualization scenarios are probably the ones that got the biggest improvement by the WPK.

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    This is not really a comment on this particular case (haven't watched the video yet) but I wish people would learn that "readability" is very subjective and situational.

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    XPSP3, old Compaq Pressario, SL3, no sound on this particular video. Eric Meijer's functional programming part 3 is fine though.

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    Thanks. We will fix this. In the meantime, click Formats and choose WMV to watch in Media Player...


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    I'm running WinXP SP3 on a custom build machine SL3 and also get no sound.


    Changing path for a second to something totally unrelated, how is the message date/time calculated as it isn't time zoned but it's also not far from the actual local time here.

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    I've been wondering, what's going to happend next year when .net 4.0 is out?


    I mean, for instance WPK as it is shown right now must work against WPF 3.5 (or .net 3.5/2.0).  How is it going to coexist with 4.0? PS2.0 is going to get stuck to .net3.5 until next version or is it going to be recompiled against 4.0.


    BTW, congrats, keep up the uber cool stuff coming to PS2.0!!

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    1. Is there a converter between WPK and Xaml/C#/VB.Net?

    2. Is there a converter between Xaml and C#/VB.Net?

    3. Hmmm, is there a WPK API similiar to Markup.XamlReader/XamlWriter?

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    Could be nice, but is'nt:No sound in any browser and OS !!!!!!!!!!!!

    When does MS really start some minimal quality control ?????????


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