Reading Debate with Bill Buxton

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    It was quite an interesting watch but I felt that Bill should have got a lot more air time. He managed to put himself across in a largely non-agressive manner and very eloquently as well rather than rambling on like a few of the participants did.

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    I enjoyed the format of this show.  In a world of television screamers, it's nice to have an hour long conversation focused on thoughtful discourse of a narrowly defined topic.  There were a few moments that I became so excited that I had to pause the video and walk around the room.  


    Does anyone else feel better after talking to the computer screen, not as a fruitcake but rather a rational being encountering something genuinely new or revolutionary?

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    Unfortunately this site prohibits it's viewing in my Country (UK). Shame it might have been interesting after viewing Bill Hill's blog piece.

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