Silverlight Streaming to Portable Devices

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    I really wish Steve Jobs would allow 3rd party component runtimes to be installed on the iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad. How awesome would it be to have a MS version of Silverlight officially on these platforms. Instead we have to go through a horrible Objectional-C transformation. Apple's hardware rocks, there service stack actually isn't bad either - but their dev tools are still stuck in the (very) early 90's.

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    I agree.  I'd love to see Job's enumerate why he won't let Silverlight on the iPhone.

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    Any chance Silverlight only content on Channel 9 will be available for iPhone?

    In the past I was trying to watch MIX Live @C9 (I think) from my iPhone and was not able to.

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    It is pretty much for the same reason he won't let Adobe on the iPhone. When Apple adds new features, they are available in Objective-C (and Touch Smash Smiley )  right away, while it takes other vendors sometime to catch up, thus user experience suffers. Besides Silverlight's visual effects are more resource intensive than native iPhone (Silvelight/WPF run slow on my desktop, not to mention iPhone).

    What I see on all these phones and I don't see on iPhone is hesitations. And these sort of hesitations ruin smooth iPhone experience(which Steve Jobs doesn't like). It almost looks like iPhone UI processing is done on a completely separate thread from anything else.

    Symbian's experience is simply unacceptable. 1 minute for a button to respond.


    With that said I would also like to see Silverlight on iPhone, but more so I would like Silverlight and WPF be much faster.

    Microsoft has so many resources surely they can afford putting best performance gurus to rewrite core visuals in WPF and Silverlight.



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    Jobs and his goons are not very smart businessmen, and that is why they can never progress beyond what they have. On the other hand, Micsoroft has completely embraced an open approach to software delivery, that is why they are bringing everything to everyone one every device because they know that as long as their technology lives within any device outside theirs, they stand to gain form it even if that person does not buy their device. Pretty soon, every cable box that ships will run Silverlight as they've demoed at MIX 2010, every car will run Windows voice command OS, every application you see will run Silverlight, or any MS technology as they continue to R&D into the future. Now if they can just port the Windows Phone 7 UI onto Windows 7 (or simply extend the metro UI form Windows Media Center on Windows 7) to deliver a Win7 tablet OS, that would be lovely.


    God forbid Apple runs the show, we would still be ages behind in computing. Great job, MS.

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