Skyfire Mobile Browser Open to Public

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Skyfire has opened their beta to the public and released an update. This is the first mobile browser to support full web browsing, supporting AJAX, Flash, Windows Media and Silverlight. You can zoom in and out of webpages with a double tap or by using the 1 and 3 keys on your phone.  Now you can watch Channel 10 videos right from your cellphone.  

The 0.8 version has better video quality, you can download content (images, etc..), the zooming was improved, and the new version launches faster and auto-reconnects. Skyfire's 'Super Bar' combines URL and search into a single auto-completing text box, and you can send a web page by text message to anyone in your contacts.

The browser will give you a little alert when there is a mobile version of a site available, which is nice for faster loading, but really you don't need it as this browser is the current flagship when it comes to seeing a page on a cellphone as it was meant to be seen on a desktop.

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