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Autoblog has a post about a new Audi dash system called Travolution that establishes communication between your car and traffic lights. The system will tell you what speed you need to maintain so you don't have to stop at the light, and no braking means better gas mileage and reduced emissions. Currently the pilot program is only running in Ingostadt, Germany.

The system requires a module retrofit on the traffic light to communicate with the dash system, so don't look for this in the short term, but as more cars arrive with in-dash computers (like Microsoft Sync) the possibility is only a software update away. What would be even better is a two-way communication system so that a traffic light can understand which side of the light is backed up the most and help alleviate some of that congestion and intelligently synchronizing with other traffic lights.


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The Discussion

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    Nikita Polyakov

    That would rock!

    I also can't wait for Microsoft Sync would make it down to other cars, but even better as a stand alone DoubleDIN unit that can be retrofitted, understandably not all car info would be passed, until a standard is there.

    [These are the times I am proud to be driving an Audi. - 07 A3 TFSI Sline if anyone is curious]

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