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    1. Would love to ALSO see consolidated list of information for the page that I visit insted of just individual Link that I need to hyperlink


    2. Great tool. Any easy ways I can also get info. about the pages that my friends visit to get their information. I know you DO NOT have to share the info. about who visited which page, but would love to see on a specific day which was the MAX # for all the pages visited within my friend circle


    3. Anyway for us to rate the content so that I see the hottest topic at that split moment


    In short I would like to see the MOST Important & MOST Valuable information

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    The examples shown here are consumer-focus, when can we see and IT Pro/Dev focus for this? Are the buckets that the tool looks in fixed or programmable?

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    Hi Tony,


    What do you mean by buckets?


    The matching between social network messages and the web pages is open-ended.   We use 2 algorithms in our tool to do the matching, and 1 is trained on wikipedia and recognizes the kinds of things talked about in wikipedia pretty smartly; the other technique is a context-free matching algorithm on n-grams.  The former gives better results and we rank those matches higher.  But neither technique is limited to consumer scenarios.


    I think the trick to getting this to work for specialized scenarios will be making sure that you have the data you care about available in the social network.



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