Stardock Fences Corral Your Desktop Clutter

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Stardock, a company known for its UI enhancements, has just released their latest app; Fences. Fences allows you to group together desktop icons, sometimes known as 'all that garbage on your desktop', into clean-looking folder containers known as fences. Simply drag select the icons on your desktop and a prompt asks you to name the fence.

So how is this system fundamentally different from arranging your icons into little piles and folders yourself? First, Fences will let you hide/show those icons with a simple double click on the background. That alone is worth the price (free, btw) of installation. Second, it will allow you to size your container and provide scrollbars if it isn't big enough to display all the icons. This is much cleaner than the average pile of web icons that I have good intentions of opening in the future, and gives you a little more control over display than using folders.

Fences will work on Windows XP, Vista, and even Windows 7. More information including a video here.

The Discussion

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    This works particularly when you use a photo background.  I often find the background images clash too much with desktop icons.  The color contrast can be too much at times.  This softens it up and makes it look professional.  Microsoft should consider making this a standard feature in Windows.

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    John Ellis

    This is something I had been hoping would be in Win7, it's not the MOST revolutionary thing to happen to GUIs but it's a very handy addition. Somebody sending this to the Windows team for Win8 consideration??

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