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    Seems like a nice toy but the demo didn't not really stand out as 'simple to use' but rather confusing since evrything was on one pc. (Although I got the idea).


    FolderShare is indedd Windows Live Sync now (funny that microsoft is so big not even people in the company can always follow everything).


    So we have:
    # SyncToy
    # Windows Live Sync
    # Live Mesh


    I know for a fact Live Mesh only need the cloud to indicate changes. If the two computers are on the same network the file transfers will still happen over the local network (not via internet). This was kind of misleading in the video. don't know if live sync syncs over lan too).


    Again, SyncToy seems a nice product but I think Live Mesh is more easy because you don't have to push a 'run' button everytime you want to sync (just like Foldershare).

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    i completly agree... its bad enough the various sync apps cant sync with each other.


    is live mesh even beeing developed any more? there hasnt been a significant upate in at least 6 months and the functionality is still the same as it was a year ago (conflict reolution is still horrible too) when it works its awsome though


    i really hope microsoft will consolidate all there apps soon.





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    The arguments to don't  put data into the cloud and 5g limit are basically not true for Mesh. You can exclude the LiveDesktop from syncing. So it does a point to point sync like Windows Live Sync.


    The only thing I'm missing is Mesh client that runs as service. Then we could put our shares on our own server with "unlimited" disk space.

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    I knew when she started typing in DOS that it was going to be that kind of demo. Wink

    I should do a demo of how I use it at home because it's just dead simple. You pick your 'golden' folder on the left, tell it where to go on the right, hit sync and walk away. You can save each sync so they show up when you start the app and save you time. I use it at home because I keep really important files (home videos, photos, etc) on hard drives in a safe. SyncToy makes doing those monthly backups incredibly simple. The really nice thing is that it knows your files, so if you go in and clean up all your movie file names, it won't try to copy them over as new - it just renames the ones on the right.

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    We were talking about that today, you're absolutely right. You can sync as much as you want, there is no 5GB limit point to point.

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    Yeah. I'd also like to know the fate of Live Mesh. Is anything going to happen to it between now and Windows 8?

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