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I don't know how I missed this but a couple weeks ago Tech Fragments wrote about some videos AMD put out showing DirectX 11. We're across the board gamers here at Channel 10, so we love seeing the PC platform fight it out against the Xbox. DirectX 11 looks like just the thing to give PC's the advantage, or at least strong parity with the best console games. 

What makes DX11 sing is the use of tessellator, which is basically a system to map a higher-order geometric surface with triangles. Tessallator hardware is part of the Xbox 360 already, and it's in many late model ATI cards, but up until now there hasn't been an effecient framework to use it on the PC.

Also hot in DX11 is the use of Compute Shader, which will essentially allow developers to treat the GPU as a highly parallel CPU (aka GPGPU). DirectX 11 also has been redesigned to be much more effecient, which will be especially evident on multi-core machines.

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    i'd very much like to see a sneak peek video demo of the new directx, a one minute video always explains more then a 3000 word article...

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