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Every year at TechFest, Microsoft employees (and a few invited guests) get to take a look at some of the projects out of Microsoft Research. These aren't finished products--you'll see a lot of exposed wires and tape--and in fact, they may never become completed products at all, but each project shows what we're thinking--and maybe where we're going.

This year I met with a team from MSR Asia who have constructed what they hope will eventually be a pico-projector portable computer, and in this project you can see inspiration from Microsoft Surface and Second Light. The possibility I like best about this is the ability to touch your games while still seeing what is there. Additionally, if you use physical controls on apps, such as knobs, you can actually paint labels on the controls themselves.



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The Discussion

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    a Great demo - looks cool to see the examples of interactive map and playing drums.

    Unless I missed the information in demo -

    > where would you see this be easily adaptable from the end user perspective?

    > how would you market the product? would you foresee a mobile phone to come with a projector device so there wouldn't be another bigger device to carry along?

    > from end user perspective, how would this be different from directly using the mobile phone surface except for the projected image being larger (#accessibility)


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