The Incredible Black & Decker Nano Battery

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Here's something for your holiday wish list that you may have never heard of. The Black & Decker VPX AC/USB Power Source is awesome, it uses a123 Systems batteries, which are nano-technology batteries with twice the power of regular lithium-polymer batteries. They can take rough abuse (can be shot clean through with a nail gun and not burst into flames - always a plus in my house) and can dump all their power in minutes.

The Black & Decker Power Source has a standard USB plug to supply power to gadgets (Zune, iPod, phone, etc...) AND an AC plug. Yeah, that's right, like a wall plug -- it has an AC inverter built into it. So if you can't plug it into the USB port to charge it, then just use your standard wall wart to charge it using the AC plug. The VPX AC/USB Power Source + 1 VPX battery can be bought together on Amazon for $39.

RC hobbyists are buying the battery packs and ripping them apart to get at the batteries. They are claiming 400+ charge cycles and still 100% power (the manufacturer claims 1000+ charge cycles before they start taking a performance hit.) They are charging them at 8 amps, which is insane, but they take the abuse really well. And they have very little internal resistance, which means they can hold a charge for a long time.


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