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You may have heard that Microsoft recently expanded the campus a little, one of the teams that had grown out of their space was Microsoft Hardware. The hardware team invited me over to see The Labs of Microsoft Hardware and check out the process behind creating and testing products like the Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 and the Lifecam Cinema HD.

Today we look at the Reliability Lab, where more devastation is rained upon Microsoft products than at a WWDC parking lot. Cables are pulled, stains are applied, even a fake Sun is cast upon our plastic, all in an effort to give you products that can take abuse with the best of them.

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The Discussion

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    i think that this i the wrong movie it is movie 1 not 5


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    Unless number 1 was number 5

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    just first three minutes are the same, just skip to 2:50 Big Smile

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    Regarding the firmness of the scroll wheel, I suggest that Microsoft take a look at the free-spinning scroll wheel on the Logitech MX Revolution. It is by far the best mouse I have ever used, and the advanced scroll wheel is just one of the reasons why. It also has great software that lets you program all the extra buttons to speed up common tasks like zooming, switching tabs in a browser (or visual studio), and opening and closing tabs very quickly. Highly recommended.


    Awesome series! Very interesting to see videos about non-code related departments in Microsoft. Keep up the great work!

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    Correct, sorry about that, I switched up the order. Smiley

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