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You may have heard that Microsoft recently expanded the campus a little, one of the teams that had grown out of their space was Microsoft Hardware. The hardware team invited me over to see The Labs of Microsoft Hardware and check out the process behind creating and testing products like the Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 and the Lifecam Cinema HD

We end our look at the Labs of Microsoft Hardware by looking at one of the coolest rooms I've ever been in. It is the anechoic chamber in the Audio Lab. Now, I knew going in that this was going to be a quiet room. But I had no idea just how quiet. Even when you have the best soundproofing on your head, you're still subjected to vibrations through your entire body. This room is even vibration-proof. The results are almost scary, leaving you with a feeling that you've just disconnected from the world.



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The Discussion

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    That room must be nice. Of course if you have tinnitus it would probably be annoying.

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    Excellent series, really intresting to see how you value having that resource in-house all of our simalar things are now outsource, sadly, as the one person said the understanding the in-house people have of the work place is great.


    Funny to hear his stomach in the anechoic chamber.

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