Top 7 Things to Check Out in Windows 7 RC1

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    Cool. Can't wait to try the shortcuts. Though, it's too bad that the apparent auto-numbering is still broken (Multitouch + 2 + 1 + 1 + 2 = 7).

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    Smiley It all adds up. We're working on the bug.
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    Great keyboard shortcuts.. I just tried them and I'll have to print em off to get to remembering em.  But, I'm loving the new task bar in Windows 7, except for a couple things that I hope can get changed before release (Anyone know the best place to submit ideas for changes?  The "send feedback" button is gone now.):

    1. When the task bar is orientated horizontally, and you fill up the task bar with applications, the task bar buttons begin to auto-size until the buttons are too small and then the scroll bar appears so you have to "page" to the other buttons, unless you resize the task bar and you can then gain a new row of buttons.

    2. When the task bar is orientated vertically, and you fill up the task bar with applications, the task bar gains a scroll bar you have to use to get to the other "pages" on the task bar. You cannot make the task bar wider in the hopes of making 2 columns of task bar buttons (similar to horizontally), it only stretches the buttons to the width of the task bar as you re-size. You should be able to re-size the task bar and gain multiple columns of buttons.

    Basically, the above two rely on "scroll bars" for scaling, and I'm sorry, but Windows needs to get over the scroll bar, there is already too many of them in the OS in applications as it is.  With the new task bar improvements and the eye-candy, it's great until you open up a lot of applications, like I do.  But, I have to be honest, the new grouping saves on space and I will not be filling up the task bar as easy as I use to in previous Windows.

    3. When hovering over a running program you get previews of the windows, if you have more than 1 window of an application open you'll see both, those windows are ordered by when they were opened. With the new click-n-drag of the task bar, the preview windows should be allowed to re-order also.  Basically I don't want to be reminded on the order of when I opened applications, and given the flexibility to order those preview windows will eliminate that.

    Other than that... great improvement to the OS, loving it a lot!  And thanks again for the keyboard shortcuts.

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