Ultramon (beta) for Windows 7 Available

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Previously, there have been some problems getting the incredibly useful utility Ultramon to run correctly on Windows 7. However, with a new beta version of Ultramon (3.0.9) available, it looks like such problems are now a thing of the past.

If you've never used it, Ultramon is a great way to extend the benefits of using multiple monitors in Windows 7, including adding a taskbar to the secondary displays, and adding some extra controls to the top right corner of applications for things such as moving an app to another display. Granted, some of these functions are now built in to Windows 7 (you can flip applications to another monitor with Windows Key + Left/Right arrow), but the new beta version of Ultramon is in any case a worthwhile install.

Download Ultramon here.

The Discussion

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    I bought Ultramon and am very happy with it... Although a couple of versions ago, it was pretty buggy... Now it's great...


    If those guys read feature suggestions here... you know what'd be great? Implement similar functionality to SplitView.... With 16:9 monitors so popular these days, it'd be awesome if I can dock a window to one side of the monitor... A really useful feature (hey, it made a Windows 7 commercial... although a button click is hulluva lot easier than drag-drop on a mouse pad)... I'm close to paying the $30 for SplitView, too... but having it in Ultramon would be awesome

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    There's also a keyboard shortcut to snap an active window to the right or left side of the screen.


    Just press Win+Left to snap it to the left side, and Win+Right to snap it on the right side!

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    OMG! Thank you! That works

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    Ultramon 3.0.9 was actually an RC not a beta and 3.0.10 Final was released on the 15th..

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    I couldn't live without Ultra Mon, since win 7 has the Snap ability though i never use the move to other moniter feature though. Either way i'm still upset that a second taskbar was never included in windows 7

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    I use my secondary monitor mostly as a media player, so I like that it doesn't show up there. Having the option would be nice though.

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