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This morning the Office Blog announced some additions to Office Web Apps including the ability to embed PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets into your webpage or blog. I met with Senior Product Manager Even Lew to tell us more and walk us through the new features. More details at The Office Blog.



The Discussion

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    Trevor Sullivan

    AMAZING work, guys! It's great to see such awesome improvements to Office online!
    Cheers,Trevor Sullivan

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    Many thanks...this will be super useful!! 

    There are a few things that need to be ironed out in future revisions.

    • Be nice if fullscreen mode worked within the context of the current web page
    • Support for playing slideshow
    • Option for Excel to collect data and not just run in a static/client mode. ex. polls

    But no mistake, awesome stuff!

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    Wooh, great stuff. Keep up the good work Big Smile

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    Great! Will this work with Word, too?

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    @cread: There were no announcements about Word.

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