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WEI Share: Share your Windows 7 Experience Index

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WEI Share ("We Share") is a Coding4Fun code sample that takes your Windows Experience Index score and shares it with the world (anonymously) to an Azure website with a Silverlight front end and lets you post your WEI score to Facebook for bragging rights.

Why would you want to share your WEI score with the world? First, this gives us a place to compare WEI scores across a wide range of hardware and even see how many touch points a multitouch computer may give you. Second, a computer's speed is dependent on the efficiency of the drivers. Sometimes WEI scores go up, sometimes they go down. This will allow you to judge the score that various versions of a driver may give you.

You can run WEI Share at and download the source code at (coming later this week).



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    The Discussion

    • JoshRoss

      I guess it is time for me to get a new hard drive.  5.9 is totally unacceptable!

    • exoteric

      Exception: Invalid key. Still it could calculate my score and post to fb with no problems, just not to WEI Share.

    • Duncanma

      Does it matter what your computer is doing? Should you do a clean re-boot for example?

    • LarryLarsen

      A reboot wouldn't be a bad idea, though I'd just make sure you don't have a VM running or anything.

    • Dan

      I got 7.4 on everything *except* hard drive. If someone gets higher than 5.9, let me know Smiley

    • Dan

      I've done this twice and gotten the same score from no apps to some apps, but you may want to keep the # of your apps low, just in case Smiley

    • Flynn0r

      Most drives show an index of 5.9. I have 2 WD VelociRaptors as a raid 0 and got  6.0 Wink To get any higher i guess you need SSD ...

    • DougHolland​MSFT

      I'm using an HP Envy 15 with an Intel SSD and the SSD scores 7.6 while the machine itself scores 5.5. SSD's rock on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2!!!

    • mawcc

      I got 7.7 with an Intel X25-M, and it's the highest subscore of all Smiley

    • englishbob

      What's the "touch points" column? Is it if you have some touch / multitouch hardware installed?



    • bjd223

      My OCZ Vertex also get 7.7. Interestingly enough when I moved to 2 x and then 3 x in Raid-0 I still got a 7.7. I guess it is more about seek times and random IO and not sequential reads/writes.

    • DougHolland​MSFT

      Just checked my desktop and I also got a 7.7 on that machine with the X25-M although another X25-M on my notebook computer scores 7.6, regardless these SSD's are insanely fast!!!

    • LarryLarsen

      That's correct, it shows you touch points on a given computer, which can change on a multitouch machine due to drivers. Working on a way to determine which touch driver was used. Keep in mind though that touch points can be a trackpad or a wacom tablet, so just because something has a touch point doesn't mean it's a multitouch machine.

    • Clint

      0+1 should be faster I'd imagine, just requires 4 drives Smiley

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