Where To See Jackson Memorial Live in HD

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    Who freakin' cares! It's sad that the U.S. has to shut down for the day for a last chance to worship this guy when millions of people die every day. Sad

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    Actually the number of people who die each day is closer to 150,000. The U.S. kind of shut down when Diana died too. And while I agree with you in some respects, few people have done as much for the Ronald McDonald House, Make-A-Wish foundation, American Cancer Society, not to mention 30 or so other charities. And then there's that whole most successful performer of all time, Thriller more than doubles the #2 album. Thiller was so good Billie Jean and Beat it were on the B side. So while I'm personally not watching much coverage, I'm willing to cut some slack to those who do want to watch and pay respects. 

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