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    MSRPs would have been nice too. I guess I could Bing it but it would have helped narrow my search a little. Wink

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    Are the number of touchpoints the same for all devices? It would be good to include the max number of touchpoints too. Thanks.

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    As far as multitouch technologies themselves go, resistive should not necessarily be last. I was at CEATEC earlier this year, and Stantum had a booth there with a demo of their unlimited points resistive multitouch technology - very impressive. There are probably videos of it on YouTube. I'm not aware of any actual implementations of it in computers, though. I just wanted to mention that resistive isn't always bad.

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    I didn't include # of touchpoints because that depends on the drivers and I shouldn't plant a benchmark flag on someone else's code. Basically, it would be safe to assume 2 on the opticals and 4 on the capacitives, but it may vary.

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    Point taken, I can't say I've used a multitouch resistive screen before. Resistive depends on mechanically pushing two films together. In my opinion, maintaining that pressure connection while sliding multiple fingers around the screen won't be as good an experience as capactive. But I could be wrong and I'm looking forward to trying out all methods. Given this one was on an Eee machine, I think it's safe to stack rank it at the bottom of this list.

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    Nice to see some multitouch monitors appearing at last. Shame so many are only two track point, not 4 or 5 (even better for hand interactions).


    Would really like to see some 7 inch multitouch screen with a small bezel so I could use a couple for an interactive multitouch replacement for my TouchStream keyboard. The best of both worlds then!



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    well i am sure that if the sales show that folks want the systems with touch then more monitors will follow.


    at least it's good to see that the list of compaies who are willing to try this is good sized...  now to see if they sell enough units for them to keep offering them. 


    mean while just as a silly demo app / for fun /  I am thinking of a WPF and Touch LCARS screen....


    for those who do not know what that refers to look at StarTrek the Next Generation, all over the ship they had touch scrrens with a style of graphics to them.... you tap a yellow /red area and fire phasers and so on...

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    This is more channel 9 comment.


    If you click on "Share" drop down up on top, the drop down list will be under "Rating" control. So either z-index is messed up or your drop down needs an iframe.

    I am running under IE 8.0.6001.18702 and SL 3.


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    Touch LCARS - +1

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    3M Multitouch

    Here's another Win7 multi-touch display for your list (projected capacitive) and this one with 10-finger capability and Windows Touch AQ status. www.3m.com/multitouch. Tim Holt, 3M Touch Systems.

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    does anyone have played with the HP TX2 notebook?

    when I got it it had 10 Touchpoints....then I installed the RC drivers (2.59) and suddenly the TX2 had 4 TouchPoints...then I installed the RTM drivers of N-Trig ....now my TX2 has suddenly only 2 Touchpoints.


    I hope they dont update the driver anymore !


    Does anybody know how I can get the 10 Touchpoints back? I dont care how slow the device will be if I go up with the Touchpoints



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    Mike Epler

    Below are some additional devices not in the list:


    3M 10 finger Developer Kit $1499
    19", 1440 x 900 pixels, 3.6 ms response, Projective Capacitive with 15ms touch response, VGA/DVI
    http://packardbell.co.uk/filelib/UK/pdf/press/2009/PR_viseo_200T.pdf" target="_blank">http://solutions.3m.com/wps/portal/3M/en_US/TouchSystems/TouchScreen/Technologies/Multi-touch/


    Packard Bell Viseo 200 Touch £199
    20", 5ms response, 50000:1 contrast, VGA/DVI/HDCP, 2 speakers
    http://packardbell.co.uk/filelib/UK/pdf/press/2009/PR_viseo_200T.pdf" target="_blank">http://packardbell.co.uk/filelib/UK/pdf/press/2009/PR_viseo_200T.pdf

    Acer T230H $500US
    23", 1920 x 1080 pixels, 300 cd/m2, 2ms response, VGA/DVI/HDMI
    http://indyposted.com/5594/acer-shows-off-23-inch-t230h-multi-touch-monitor/" target="_blank">http://indyposted.com/5594/acer-shows-off-23-...inch-t230h-multi-touch-monitor/
    http://us.acer.com/showrooms/touch/touchscreen.html" target="_blank">http://us.acer.com/showrooms/touch/touchscreen.html

    Overlay from PQ Labs supports Windows 7, even if they are expensive.
    http://multi-touch-screen.com/" target="_blank">http://multi-touch-screen.com

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    great list!


    now we just need more (cheap) devices that handles more than two touch-points...

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    which do you think is the most responsive (snappy) tablet.

    would that be the HP tm2?

    or should i wait for something else coming out soon?

    i would appreciate your thoughts.

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