Where the Multitouch Devices Are pt. 2

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    My touch smart tx2 from HP went from a buggy 4 touch points a month or so back to only 2 touch points after installing the latest N-Trig driver.  How many touch points is this device supposed to have?  Should I be calling someone at HP? 


    I think that MS should back us consumers and force these companies to include information about how many touch points the devices have on the packaging and or technical documentation.  As it stands you have no clue until you actually fire up your laptop or PC how many fingers it will work with.  Help me out.

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    I like multitouch but don't quite get the standing multitouch monitors - rather tablets appear a much better fit for multitouch.

    Nice to see multitouch spreading rapidly.

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    I suppose USA still haven't received the next revision of Acer's 1420P yet? Which is what i currently own here in Southeast Asia - the 1820PTZ.

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    I agree you should be able to tell touchpoints on a machine before you buy it (let me see what I can find out about that). You can usually find out by looking around. One problem though is the number of touchpoints can change depending on various factors. My TX2 has had a low of 2 and a high of much more than 2 depending on drivers.


    Keep watching 9, I may be able to help with this.

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