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Here's a tip for those of you lucky enough to be running a Windows Home Server in your house (and here's a link for those of you who aren't in yet.) We Got Served is hosting a page of Windows Home Server add-ins including one to put links on your Windows Homepage, an online backup service, a method to wake up your sleeping computers via the Windows Home Server console, and a system to sync your pictures from WHS to Flickr.

The backup service is interesting, using the free beta from KeepVault you can backup 25GB across multiple computers with access to these files from anywhere, although if you have a WHS this is kind of redundant (you can already access your files and your data is already secure.) But you can never be too safe.

Also on We Got Served, a link to the smallest Widows Home Server using a 1Ghz pico board. I guess that could work, I was running WHS on a 800mhz Tablet PC for a few weeks before breaking down and building a dedicated box from a mini-ATX kit. The breathing room a beefier computer gives you pays off when streaming video from several computers in your house at the same time.

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