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Windows Home Server Power Pack 2 is out so we stopped by CJ Saretto's office to see what new features and fixes are included. Along with some nice fixes, PP2 has better remote access, better domain management (, expanded media sharing (Mp4 support) and Media Center integration.

If you have a Home Server just make sure automatic updating is turned on and you'll have it too. If you're new to Home Server, check out some past videos.



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The Discussion

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    From an end user standpoint, I really appreciate the MP4 support.  And even though PP2 took a baby step towards Media Center integration....I am extremely encouraged by what I heard in the video.   I think what is necessary not only for WHS success but for the success of all Microsoft enterntainment platform efforts is unprecedented collaboration on roadmaps & interoperability.  Never again should something like getting NetFlix service on XBox or Media Center require separate development efforts.

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    Hektik Lyfe

    Home server is great, albeit a bit slow in access and transfer.  Hopefully some home network solution for consolidated network accounts can be integrated at some point?  That would be pretty sweet to create a true home network.

    I would consider paying $30-$40 for a slimmed down 5-10 user active directory add-on.

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