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    Can one trust a beta with valuable backups?


    WHS is a very nice product, just seems quirky. Every time I login to the WHS box via RDP, there are ~10 "send error report" boxes.


    These new Windows 7 centric features are certainly welcome. 

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    I don't get it. "Now, everytime my media center puts content on my WHS, every PC in my house has automatic access to that content. So if you've got one machine recording tv in your house, now all your netbooks and laptops can watch that recorded TV just through the magic of powerpack 3." Hasn't that always been possible through the magic of shared folders?


    Also, about the automatic library mapping: I have my music library on my WHS, which every machine in my house uses to play stuff. Except for my laptop, because I want to take my music with me when I go somewhere, so I have a copy of all the music in that WHS share on my laptop, and I configured media player on that laptop not to watch the server folder, or it'd index all my stuff twice. What if I upgrade my laptop to Windows 7 and install Power Pack 3? Will it still add that WHS share to my laptop's music library (thus indexing both the music on the laptop ad the folder) leaving me with duplicate songs in my library, or will I be able to disable that on a per-machine basis?

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    Yes, but the Home Server Connector software does all the configuration.  You can still tell the Library to stop adding a server location if you don't want it on a specific machine.

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    dick w

    As of this morning, PP3 is not on Connect Windows Home Server Downloads.


    And as of this afternoon, Itttsss Baaaccckkk.

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    Perhaps a better option is to keep the media on the server and make it "Always Available" on your laptop. That will keep a copy on your laptop *and* keep it syncronised with the server and only indexed one time.

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    Kacey Green

    That's how I'm setup and it works well, I do have to cleanup conflicts after running Zune 3.1 (my library is over 120 GB and I change large parts of it at a time)

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    That's a good idea. What happens when I'm away from my network and add stuff to my music folder on my laptop? Does it get synced back to the server?

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    He talks alot about recorded T.V. Do people still watch T.V???

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    Indexing does not occur twice. The WHS content is indexed on the server and remote queries are sent to the WHS box to return results. Therefore there is no duplication.


    If you make such content "Available offline" then the content is synced down to the local machine. In that case, the content is indexed locally.


    If you travel outside of the home, then the WHS folders included in your library are 'unavailable' since you are no longer connected to your home network. Once you connect back to the home network, they will be available again.

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    Hi, not yet fully clear in my mind. Can WHS be fitted with 1 or more TV tuner card(s) and recording TV made through a Media Center Client (either a PC running Windows 7, or a Media Center Extender) ?

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    When and where can I get an ISO of Power Pack 3 so I can install it without turning on automatic updates? My server is not online and I have no intention of doing so. Will there be a direct download of a stand-alone .exe available soon? Nobody at Microsoft can seem to answer this question.

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    I don't get the whole WHS thing. Why not just have a normal Win 7 installation? So you get no driver issues, a Media Center, so you can stream also on that same pc to your tv. What does WHS do more, or better???



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    I have a Home Server because it is cheaper, faster and more secure for back-ups. I got tired of buying external drives, having the drives fail and the laborious back-ups. Even tried eSata, but even Seagate tech support said that their eSata connection doesn't really work. So I slapped together a server box with two 1.5 TB drives and now I have a Home Server. With the mirroring of the hard drives, data loss is unlikely. You can back your WHS to all of the external drives you wont need anymore!



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    @daSmirnov:but my home server does not work with what shall i me..sir

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    i enjoy your article. great job. keep it simple

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    looking for help

    Got some problems here and looking for help! Back up service failed..
    Went too and followed it.
    Did all the steps listed to start the service manually and reboot the system some 4 times now. Did the backup repair settings from the console and the console, every time crashes and fails - 4x now too. Went looking for system restore or recover to previous date - can't find it (since Backup services not working). Did a full power down too.
    Event Viewer shows this: Faulting application HomeServerConsole.exe, version 6.0.2423.0, faulting module BackupCheck.dll, version 6.0.2423.0, fault address 0x000358ff. event error 1000.. No help online found. I have 4 drives in pool all 1.5T's, I back up 4 PCs & 1.5 T drive for the Server data backup.
    Found another error in the viewer # 3001 being the Apple talk don't know a thing about that - no MAC here. And found the # 323 WMServer plugin one error for all of yesterday!

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    @looking for help:  In my experience as a computer technician, my first step would be to test the hardware in the computer in which you are running WHS.  First would be RAM, download and run from CD the Windows Memory test or Ultimate boot CD, which has the test on it

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