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Recently the Windows Home Server team announced the beta of their next version of Home Server, codenamed Vail. This release tightens up the way you interact with Home Server. Jonas Svensson, Program Manager on Home Server Vail stopped by to show us a peek at this new release. The big features for this release include the ability to stream your media outside of your house, simplified setup, and expanded development tools.

Soon I'll be getting together with the Home Server team to talk about the Vail SDK, so if you have any questions that you'd like me to ask, add them below.

Sign up now for the Vail beta at 



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    The Discussion

    • Odi

      I like the new launch pad and love the improved server backup.


    • SteveRichter

      any explanation why windows 7 backup to windows server is so slow?



    • jpltim

      Great video. I hope to see more on Channel 9 from WHS in the future!

    • USArcher

      Sofar so good, server backup and app store get a thumbs up. 


      The one area that it might fall short, just because there was such a huge outpouring, is that Media Center is not integrated into WHS.  I see Media Center as a gateway/media delivery vehicle for the whole house.  Because PCs on your home network don't have the ability to stream Live TV from another PC that has TV tuners installed (especially CableCard)...I had hoped that a WHS based Media Center platform might solve all that by running Media Center/Tuners and provide a Silverlight app for streaming Live TV/Recorded Content to other homegroup PCs.  Okay, so it is not happening.  Microsoft better have a plan on how they will remain relevant with their consumer platform offerings.  Why is that CNN/MSNBC/etc anchors feel the need to constantly talk about / show off iPad and Google TV?  Microsoft needs a game changer here.

    • MadLibrarian


    • SteveRichter

      any value to running WHS as the home network router?  I am running into limitations with consumer grade routers as I try to manage and access multiple IP cameras deployed on the network. I was told I need one to one NATing to map a block of static IPs to individual cameras. But then a Verizon tech told me their FIOS service router can route from the web to multiple cameras. Anyway, there is a lot I don't know about routers. Might be nice to have a home server that could provide a common set of features for routing traffic from the web to the systems on a home network.


    • LZPick

      I've never heard of a cable provider that would let you use more than one IP address without some kind of extended contract. I think you'd have to do some config on your router to get that to work. Not my strongest field, let me check around and see what I can find out from the experts.

    • LarryLarsen

      This is from the infamous Gov Maharaj himself Smiley

      This is actually very easy to do with most modern consumer router (dlink and netgear and linksys do this easily).
      the thing is to port map from the one public IP to multiple internal IPs.
      assume you have 6 cameras
      so from the internet you would access it like this:
      external IP: -->internal router routes to
      external IP: -->internal router routes to
      external IP: -->internal router routes to
      external IP: -->internal router routes to
      external IP: -->internal router routes to
      external IP: -->internal router routes to
      This is how you would do it, and you don't need WHS. WHS also doesn't normally act like a router.
    • joit

      Too bad there is no word about Media Center integration or at least some kind of tuner support...

    • Othon

      the best software for home user, we need the next version of WMS. I loved this video

    • saivert

      Think you should streamline the UI a bit. way too many windows open at the same time during the demonstration there.


      One for the Launchpad (which is basically just a window with shortcuts, could easily be put in the Startmenu under a WHS folder), one for the backup (seems ok as long as it is breifly interacted with) and one for the Dashboard which further spawns that RemoteApp windows (seems useless).


    • JBrenner

      Wow. This is certainly an improvement over the original Windows Home Server. From what I've read and my personal experience with it (see previous link) that thing brought nothing particularly exceptional to the table.

    • JBrenner

      @saivert: I hope that the backup has the ability toverify the images it creates.

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