Xbox 360 + XNA is a Win-Win

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Recently the game Braid was released on Xbox Live Marketplace. In the first week, this side scroller brought in nearly a million dollars in revenue. What sets this game apart from others is that it wasn't developed by one of the big game companies, but rather by Jonathan Blow with graphics help from David Hellman.

Turning console game development into a cottage industry is new, and it's a win-win for all of us. For Jonathan, he can now make developing games a full-time career. For us, it means we can anticipate more lower-cost games (Braid is $15). We can also expect some interesting twists from non-establishment game developers. For instance, Braid is a side scroller, but it is different from other Mario-type games in that you get a single life and the ability to reverse time (more on that from

I'm interested in hearing what downloadable games you like, and what you would like to see in marketplace games. Leave us a comment and let us know. 

The Discussion

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    Eric Havir

    Braid is awesome. I had not heard any hype around this game. I just happened upon it as I downloaded my weekly dose of new Xbox live arcade titles. The next thing I know I felt totally drawn in and purchased the game. The down side: After playing braid for a length of time you may feel you have the ability to back up time in your daily life too! (The effect wears off.)

    I haven't been a big fan of the XNA games that are simply ports of web flash games. I'm drawn to titles like the recent Crosswords game. Also, the 1942 update is much better than the early arcade conversions.. a lot of thought was put into this title. There are definately some great titles on XBLA, and room for a lot more.

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    I love this game.
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    Is Braid even an XNA game?

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    Shane Thomas Szandzik

    Braid was an brilliant game, from the idea to the music.  Very smart to put soothing music to a game that can get highly irritating at times for most.  I found myself stuck a few times, but what a fun game!! I also look forward to the "evolved" versions of old classics.  The new Warlord game is pretty cool.....Honestly though, Bomberman is still one of my favs from the arcade!!!!

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    Looking forward to the Castle Crashers release

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    From the lack of response, I must assume it's not. So I have to wonder how Braid, even by a long shot, shows that 360 + XNA is win-win.

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