Managing Mobile and Desktop Devices with TeamViewer on Windows 10

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Interested in seeing how Microsoft technologies like Windows 10, Microsoft Azure and Office 365 are leading the way in transforming commercial businesses and organizations such as yours in Retail, Hospitality, Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Public Safety/National Security, Education and more?  Check out Microsoft's LaunchPad Series Season 2 on Channel 9 and you will find creative and powerful line of business (LOB) apps and solutions that are built by Microsoft's ISV partners from around the world.

In this LaunchPad episode, Baldwin Ng, WW Windows Top Apps Lead from Microsoft, was joined by Alfredo Patron, Vice President of TeamViewer from Germany, where they shared how the new TeamViewer for Windows 10 Universal Windows App - powered by Windows 10, Continuum and Microsoft Azure, can help you remotely manage PCs, tablets, mobile phones and headless IoT devices on operating systems such as Windows, Android, iOS, Ubuntu and more.

Have a great day and start transforming your business today!

Baldwin Ng

WW Windows 10 Top Apps Lead



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The Discussion

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    Luke Jeffrey

    Great video guys - we're looking into MDM as we speak, so this will certainly be up for discussion.

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    Great to hear.  If you need further help, please drop me a note at  I can connect you with TeamViewer's team on app evaluation and local MSFT sales team for Lumia 950/950 XL mobile phone evaluation.

    Where are you located?


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    What you think about LiteManager remote access?

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    Sorry, I personally have not tried LiteManager yet.  Is it available as a Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform app (UWP)?


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