Telling Powerful Stories with PicHit, Windows 10 and Office 365

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Interested in seeing how line of business (LOB) apps built on Microsoft technologies are transforming commercial industries (e.g. retail, hospitality, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing) and public sectors (e.g. education, public safety)?  Check out this multi-part LaunchPad series on Channel 9 where we showcase powerful LOB apps built on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Microsoft Azure and Office 365.

In this episode, Baldwin Ng from Microsoft's Developer Experience Team was joined by Johan Andersson from PicHit where they demonstrated how two of the latest PicHit apps enable anyone to tell powerful stories through rights-protected and cloud-distributed photos together with Windows 10 and Office 365.  Try the PicHit apps today!

Don't forget to come back for more ISV app videos from our LaunchPad Series (Season 2) site here on Channel 9!



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