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Bing: Test Drive Microsofts new search engine

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At the All Things Digital Conference, Steve Ballmer just announced our new search engine called Bing. Bing is actually MORE than a search engine- we are referring to it as a "decision engine" as its goal is to help users make more informed decisions by collating and formatting information for you that is relevant to your search. It's exceptionally useful in areas like travel, shopping, weather and movie listings. Beyond there's there are a ton of new fun features and time saving capabilities. Watch as Stefan Weitz takes us on a test drive.

Read what the critics are saying...


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  • ZeoZeo Channel 9 :)

    What does Bing mean?

    Bing Is Not Google.

  • Allan LindqvistaL_ Kinect ftw

    bind seems pretty cool Smiley its annoying that we cant use it yet though Smiley the only thing that make or break a search engine is how good the results are Smiley


    looks good Smiley the results page [ui wise] looks way to much like google though :/ the colors and general layout is veeery similar.... the first page is niceliy syled but the wite background and blue text looks to.. nineties? i dunno.. still interesting though Smiley i wonder just how dynamic those page integration features and categories are..  cant wait to try it out  Smiley


    the shopping part is pretty impressing actually Smiley is all that indexing automatic?


    http://www.tgdaily.com/html_tmp/content-view-42643-140.html cool Smiley

  • Bent Rasmussenexoteric stuck in a loop, for a while

    Some more criteria

    • how relevant are search results
    • how usable is the search interface
    • how attractive is the search interface
    • how organic, adaptive and context-sensitive is the search interface (when, where, who)
    • how well does the search engine support a particular domain (Wolfram|Alpha vs Google)
    • how well does the search engine support language grammars to deeply understand questions
    • how well does the search engine support exploration
    • how well does the search engine integrate with other services (SkyDrive, Thumbtack?)
    • how well does the search engine integrate with third parties

    All of these are important.

    If Bing has an attractive, usable, fresh search interface with very relevant results and direct support for many knowledge domains and websites, well then it could pose a challenge to Google. The anti-thesis of the "one logo, one input box and a few text links" search engine interface.

    I'd like the search engine, browser and cloud storage to work closer together and Bing looks like a little step in that direction. Next up I expect some of the entity extraction experiments on live labs to pay off so the search engine knows more about our interests than just a set of links and questions or keywords.

  • Bent Rasmussenexoteric stuck in a loop, for a while

    Looks like Google? The whole layout of the main page is dramatically different from Google.
    That the text results use green and blue is not really a shocker or a dramatic similarity.

  • BasBas It finds lightbulbs.

    How much of this is going to be available outside the US? Since I haven't heard otherwise, I'll have to assume that the whole review gathering, consumer info finding thing will only work for US stores and for US visitors, leaving the rest of the world with a lame traditional search engine once again. Where are Live's image backgrounds, for instance?

  • Allan LindqvistaL_ Kinect ftw

    yes the main page is diffrent.. but not the results list Smiley when i look at the result list i could be on either google or bing imo.. it also looks far worse that the main page for example.. the first thing bing critics are going to say is that bing is a google rip of i know that not true, but thats what theyäll say. you shouldnt add fuel to their fire Smiley

  • I've seen screens of the UK site having the image background, which we don't currently have (and I use the US version to get it), so hopefully they'll more aggressively roll this stuff out.

  • Bent Rasmussenexoteric stuck in a loop, for a while

    If people judge the search engine based on the look of the results list, then... But I'll grant you, yes, there's some similarity there.

  • Bent Rasmussenexoteric stuck in a loop, for a while

    Agreed. It's immensely annoying for non US visitors to be cut off. That too, is a decision input - when some features or design is crippled for outside visitors, so there should also be some focus on helping localize the service - even though that is probably a pretty substantial amount of work. I see a little bit of that starting to appear in Live Home.

  • No, it's not, and that's good because Bing Is Next Generation Tongue Out

  • Allan LindqvistaL_ Kinect ftw

    i think its farily safe to assume that people will spend alot of time on the results list... Wink some similarity? they might as well copy pasted the css Tongue Out the average user will think bing just went out and pulled the results from google.. and that a darn shame

    but even disredarding that, i dont think the results page fits the visual style of bing.. it looks out of place somehow.. hopefully they'll update it until rtm Smiley

  • Stefan, send me that "I bing " t-shirt you have Tongue Out

  • Let me see what I can do for you intelman.... Smiley

  • What does Bing mean? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=arCITMfxvEc IMHO.

    (I can't take credit for that though, someone else noticed it first.)

  • Dan FernandezDan

    Bing is the sound of found Smiley

  • really awesome i cant wait to try it myself


    but is this feature just apply for us

    as the nearst movie

    or u know like where to buy or tikets options or any other stuff or it is apply for anypart in the world


    another thing i like the streaming but if u an manage it to make it smaller and can be uploading while watching as in youtube we see the part the already uploaded so no hang up happening


    i mean make it like youtube or simple to put any video in youtube after you put it here


    anyway i am very intersting

  • rhmrhm

    As far as searching for information on products (like the Nikon example) is concerned, all Bing has to do to be better than Google there is to separate out review sites from retailers. Because if you search for almost any consumer product on Google by model number, all you get is page after page of SEO'd garbage. 

  • stevo_stevo_ Human after all

    I wasn't expecting much from bing, but actually I think this makes google look a little dated, still need to give it a go and see how it works but if the results are good I'll use it by default, and if not I'll still be interested in it for its composition of data (ie traffic, shopping etc).

  • The one thing Microsoft doesn't quite seem to get: simplicity.

    A search page also needs to:

    • Be fast
    • Get out of the way
    • Not look like something from MySpace
    I think they got the last one right with Bing (over MSN's home page... that site just sucks).  The jury is out on the first two.
    Google has had all three right since day 1.  Except for iGoogle... I don't like that either... it takes just a hair longer to load, and on a slow computer or connection, that violates #1 and #2.

  • Enthusiasm!

  • Jan KratochvílJan​Kratochvil Jan Kratochvil

    The T-Shirt looks really cool. Is there any left ? Smiley Btw. is the Ad campaign going to be international or just US ?

  • Bing is not Crosby


  • Jan KratochvílJan​Kratochvil Jan Kratochvil

    Actuelly, I saw some product vidio about Bing earlier, and there was said that MS has put a lot of effort to make it fast. One example of this effort can be seen at live.com, where the pict loads after the rest of the page so it doesn't slow down the Live search entry point. I thing that Stefan was talking about this somwhere (maybe Stefam is, not sure though).

  • Here are some thoughts:

    I'd love to ditch Google. I've tried Yahoo, Live Search, Ask, and all of them fail for one reason: the search results aren't as good.

    All Bing's cool features are nothing if the search results aren't up to snuff.

    One other thought. Bing is kind of a funny name. When I was a little kid, bing was what we called our..ahhhm. Bing Is a Name for Genitals. Smiley

  • stevo_stevo_ Human after all

    Only in your part of the universe Wink

  • Had a brief look (admittedly) at this and one criticism spring to mind ' too complicated'. It isn't better than Google in terms of general internet search though it is better than Windows Live. Also, Google might be too much of a habit to beat for most people.  

  • Had a brief look at this and first criticism comes to mind 'too complicated'. It doesn't perform better than Google at general internet searches but it is better than Windows Live. Also, hard to break the Google habit. 

  • The question is, what if I'm looking for an Uninterruptible Power Supply?

  • Is there going to be an "explorer part" for programming?

    Also, is the SkyDrive content going to be included in the results?

  • stevo_stevo_ Human after all

    How do you know? its not even out yet.. and it isn't too complicated.. people know how to use things more complex than google- and they don't cry about it.. hell, even the average website you goto after google is vastly more complex to navigate than bing is.. personally I think its pretty well crafted.. but I really don't like the whole thing with it starting as a box in the middle with a random background image.. just seems really weird.

  • where's the wiki feature in bing?  How can I add a result to the search like I can on Google?

  • Matt Grethsenorhoagie Coding 4 Freedom!

    What would Bing Crosby say?

    Pretty nice site and actually seems more responsive for the videos.

    Looks like Live to me.

  • ivan_ivan_ g

    Simple example, I was looking how to programmaticaly select a Bar on a Silverlight chart. Guess what I typed

    "Silverlight chart programmatically" in BING  and browsed through 4 pages of results and didn't find anything. (I trying be more and then less specific but it didn't help).

    I typed the same thing in Google and the most relevant result was at the top of the first page.

    I don't like Google (as a company and their policies) but so far Google search has been better.

  • This was actually a great video. I'm thinking about sharing it with first year computer students. Now after watching this video I realize that you can't think of Bing as a search engine LIKE Google. If you use Bing in the same way you use Google then you will not be impressed. But if you can use it to leverage the things that it does, it is pretty impressive. It will be hard to make that bit of a shift in people's ideas.

    BTW: I want to see more videos with her in it! WinkDevil

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