Cloudy with a chance of ZOMBIES!!!

Play Cloudy with a chance of ZOMBIES!!!

The Discussion

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    Awesome! I so want those Tabasco belts...

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    Best. Zombies. Ever.

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    Laura + Tabasco = Nice Wink 

    I figured Mark got snacked on due to the usual orange shirt attire and the zombies thought he was a pumpkin. Big Smile


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    AWW Mark! You look so dashing as an action star! You too Laura!

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    Dr Herbie

    Very well done!  Nice to see you're keeping the Halloween videos up to high standards. Smiley

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    Great Hallowe'en video again, Laura! And it's great to see you in there too, Mark. I look forward to these each year.

    Here's to Tabasco belts, the ultimate deterrent (well, sort of, at least for a while). Big Smile

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    Very funny, thanks

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    Great Halloween video. Smiley

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    Ooh, a dig at Celine Dion...  I LOVE IT!!

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    I feel like I was watching an opening sequence for Dr. Who.. 

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    WATCH THE HELL?!?! Only TWO WEEKS before MVP Summit and you have FREAKING ZOMBIES on CAMPUS??!?!

    Just HOW!  HOW can you CLAIM to provide a safe environment for 1000's of the most passionate Community minded people with Freaking UNDEAD ZOMBIES in REDMOND!?!?! Are you NUTS??!?!?

    You know, at one point I thought you guys were the coolest thing since Double Sided floppies.

    But now.... I ... I just don't know.... what to think.    Digging up bodies, employing them to operate the cloud.   The extremes you go to.... You should be so ashamed.

    You know DARN WELL oh 'People at Microsoft that I would have HAPPILY done it all in PowerShell.   Maybe a script or and a little scheduling combined with some DSC and SMA.   Highly cost effective. 

    ...and No zombies required.

    *sniff* ---- you make me sad Sad

    Sean "Leaving No RedBull Unturned" Kearney
    the Energized Tech
    Windows PowerShell MVP

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    Munchem and Crunchem LLP

    We would like to your attention a growing Class Action LawSuit initiated by the members of the Formerly Living Community. It is in regards to the follow conditions brought forth by this video.

    The Primary issue of note immediately is your blatant referral of our clients as the "Undead","Zombies" and in some cases "Flesh Chompers".

    We must note here and now, our clients prefer the term "Boogie Monsters" as it reflects their much desired status after an infamous video done in the 80's to the "Thriller" song.

    Referring to them in any other way is well, just not very nice.

    Next we must note that from gathered data you have placed our clients in some type of warehouse.

    We see no signs of Ergonomic support or proper MultiTouch interfacing on their workstations. As a result many of our clients seem to be dragging themselves about due to the cramps, pulled muscles and Carpal Tunnel produced from their daily tasks.

    In addition we bring also bring to point the unusual tendency we see from staff at Microsoft of spraying them with HotSauce and causing them to eat each other.

    We do not understand why any major corporation would go to such extremes to feed their staff. It is my understanding Microsoft has some of the best food and cafeterias around. Why should the members of the "Boogie Monsters" be subjected to Cannibalism?

    We should point out that according to evidence we have seen from the presented video, the problem was created by a Microsoft staff member in an unusual zest to improve costs for managing the cloud.

    Is this how all internal HR issues are solved at Microsoft?

    Please cease your actions before litigation causes our clients to Rise up and take over Redmond.... or at the very least initiate a giant Flash Mob "Thriller Video" which will block all entrances to Microsoft's main campus.

    Be nice and do the right thing.

    Edless Orseman
    Dude fighting for the rights of the "Boogie Monsters"
    Munchem and Crunchem LLP (Less Living People)

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