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At the Design Expo on Microsoft campus we encountered some amazing projects created by college students. Check out "Clashers" in this clip!

Microsoft Research hosted its 14th annual Faculty Summit at the Microsoft Conference Center in Redmond, Washington. More than 400 academic researchers from 200 institutions and 29 countries joined Microsoft Research to assess and explore today's computing opportunities. As part of this year's Faculty Summit, MSR brought together 9 universities from the US, Europe, India, Mexico and Israel to compete in Design Expo, a forum sponsored by Microsoft where students from the top design institutions showcase their prototype interaction-design processes and ideas. This year marks the 10-year anniversary of Design Expo, which was originally started by NYU's Clay Shirky.

 The Design Expo creates a forum for spotlighting design, encouraging "out of the box" thinking, by exploring students' visions for the future of computing as well as honing their presentation skills and engaging with students from other design teams from around the world to see how they approached this year's theme.

As part of a semester long course, students are asked to form interdisciplinary teams of 2-4 students, and consider people's real needs under the theme of "Making Data Useful: Improving your life, community, and world." Their response takes the form of a user experience prototype, and narrative that explains their thinking. A representative team from each school has been selected to attend and be featured in a presentation at the 2013 Microsoft Research Faculty Summit. 

We interviewed the team from Herzliya School of Communication in Israel  who created "Clashers" a synchronized, location-based music app that enables users to instantly discover which music other people are listening to within a 100 meters range, and to hear it simultaneously with them. Thus, it makes the users rely on the most natural and immediate filters: they're mood, location, ambiance and the people they come across on the street. "Clashers" enhances the urban experience and provokes users to engage with the world around them.



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