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I did this interview last year but JUST NOW is it allowed to go public...
A new program aims to make hospitals more fun for kids through technology. That’s the mission of a whole host of organizations nationwide like the Companions in Courage Foundation. Founded by pro hockey Hall of Famer Pat LaFontaine, the organization sets up what it calls Lion's Dens – rooms like one just opened at the Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital.

"We can create an atmosphere and environment where kids can escape to and be a safe haven where they can play games and videos and create art and create music and video conference with friends, their heroes, their grandparents, and just be, with technology, connected to the outside world," LaFontaine said. "We really have four primary components: video game, so Xbox 360; we have the PCs, so kids can go in and instant message and email, they can get homework assignments," Jim Johnson of the Companions in Courage Foundation said. "We also have a big screen television; and then we have the video conference pod, which is a live video conference that allows them to connect to relatives that may be out of town or celebrities."



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