Director Video Series: John W. Thompson shares insights and experiences as Microsoft Director

Play Director Video Series: John W. Thompson shares insights and experiences as Microsoft Director

The Discussion

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    Great interview, it is interesting to see how some of these strands come together and that technology cannot out perform the personal, face-to-face touch.

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    Lowell Thomas

    Interesting interview with good articulation by Mr. Thompson. I am a long term investor with my stock ownership going back over many years. Regardless of the "billions" that he references as being returned to stock holders I suspect that as a percent of the whole it is not very large. I think that the company has been behind the curve of changes in the industry and that the independent Board members have been to complacent and not insistent enough in change.

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    John Chambers

    I am trying to watch Mr. Thompson on an i7, Windows 7, IE10 machine and my viewing window opens in smaller size that does not allow me to view the whole picture at once or make full screen or even open to a full window size. If I want to see the whole picture I have to use the horizontal and vertical scroll bars to move it around and see less than half the screen, The Company I Own, Microsoft, is never going to make it if they can't even put the default display up to normal view a director! I have no problem viewing any other video on the web EVER except this, what is going on here?

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    @John Chambers: Hey John sorry to hear you are having problems. It is working normally when I test it, but of course, every machine is different and you could be running into issues that I am not seeing. If you'd like to send me an email at, I'd be happy to help. Including a screenshot of what you see would be useful. You could also try forcing it to use HTML 5, by clicking this link:View in HTML 5

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