Windows MultiPoint Mouse SDK 1.5 Exposed

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The MultiPoint Mouse SDK v1.5 has just shipped and it is changing the game- and the way we think about interacting with our computers. Here are some of the highlights:

  • The new SDK features several improvements as well as Windows 7/Windows Server 2008  compatibility and support for both 32 and 64 bit applications/OSs. Full list can be found here on our developer blog
  • Microsoft has also shipped a beta for an application based on the  MultiPoint Mouse SDK called Mouse Mischief. Mouse Mischief is a PowerPoint plug-in which exemplifies the SDKs, VSTO compatibility and is available for public download.
  • In addition, various large Education ISVs such as Scholastic Education have released their killer apps on the SDK and developers can download and play with these apps at our new Application Showcase.



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The Discussion

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    Congratulations Nasha. Great presentation. The children in Australia at St James Yamba just love Mouse Mischief. Can't wait for the final version. I am making a video of them using it. Will post it next week. Once people see the software in full flight with over 20 users, then they'll fully understand and appreciate the amazing implications and the benefits for educational purposes.


    Joe Stewart

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    I just noticed that MaximumPC linked to this video Smiley

    That's pretty good for Paul's first product demo.

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    Really? Do you have the URL?

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    Horrible voice that woman has. Just shut the * up!

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