PDC '10: Student Apps for Windows Phone 7

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This year at the PDC we took advantage of the large amount of students creating apps for the new Windows Phone 7. In this clip I sat down with 5 students from across the globe to learn about how they spent their time at the PDC and what apps that had each created. Good stuff!



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    so much for  accepting constructive criticism (feedback) and free speech 

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    oh please, give me a break

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    @stuart:exactly what rule did i break according to you ?

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    Deed Day is a great app idea. I'll be looking forward to checking it out next year.

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    WP7 looks like a nice phone. But I have yet to try it out myself.
    I was in Wal Mart last night and they did have new HTC 7 phones, but I could not convince sales people to show me the actual phone. They told me to look at the dummy one which is HTC HD2 running WinMo 6.5 and if I like the dummy previous version I can buy new HTC 7, but since HTC 7 is not a display model they will not show it to me :) DUH.
    I guess Microsoft will need to push a little harder on retailers so that they at least carry a WORKING DEMO version of new WP7 phones.

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    Mustafa Hanif

    Deed Day is an awesome idea ... very creative

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