WhoIs: Thomas Gruver - The Man Behind Microsoft's Office of the Future

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The Discussion

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    I liked the format of the interview Laura, and would definately like to see more of these.. (hint: someone from the early days of Exchange perhaps)


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    Good suggestion- I'll see who I can find!

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    I like the "Office meets Star Trek" part, and I also like hearing how people move between projects at Microsoft. Sounds like it's been a fun journey.

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    Laura, great job!  The interview didn't seem like 10 minutes, it seemed shorter, still awesome, and the background was a definate FTW moment!


    SQL Server is definately the enigma right now.  Pauls secret project now out of SQL Server org, I wonder what is going on in there?


    Oh, and for the record, Jetsons all the way!

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    Agree, love the format of this interview! Do more please!

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