WhoIs: Thomas Gruver - The Man Behind Microsoft's Office of the Future

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Thomas Gruver has one of the coolest jobs at Microsoft; he helped create and run our Workplace of the Future, also know as the CIW. His day involved dreaming up what the future will look like for office workers and presenting that to Microsoft executives and industry leaders. Find out more about Thomas and what he likes most about his job, what his challenges are, and how he got to where he is now... in this episode of WhoIs.   

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The Discussion

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    I liked the format of the interview Laura, and would definately like to see more of these.. (hint: someone from the early days of Exchange perhaps)


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    Good suggestion- I'll see who I can find!

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    I like the "Office meets Star Trek" part, and I also like hearing how people move between projects at Microsoft. Sounds like it's been a fun journey.

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    Laura, great job!  The interview didn't seem like 10 minutes, it seemed shorter, still awesome, and the background was a definate FTW moment!


    SQL Server is definately the enigma right now.  Pauls secret project now out of SQL Server org, I wonder what is going on in there?


    Oh, and for the record, Jetsons all the way!

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    Agree, love the format of this interview! Do more please!

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