Windows 7 & General Mills bring the future to your kitchen

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General Mills and Microsoft have worked together to make the Betty Crocker Kitchen Assistant, a new digital, voice-activated tool featuring high-resolution recipe images and step-by-step cooking instructions, available on Windows PCs and featuring a touch screen interface for Windows 7.
The WPF application combines the content and services offered on the web site with timely, personalized recipe suggestions; programmable kitchen timers; and up-to-the-minute touch-screen capabilities.  The Betty Crocker Kitchen Assistant features a highly intuitive recipe search interface, touch-screen compatibility and an easy-to-use “cook mode” providing simple instructions.

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The Discussion

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    Looks great, but I am a little puzzled how can you make "Turkey and Broccoli" from "Hamburger and Cheese"? Unless of course there is magic chemistry box that comes with it, or particle collider Smiley.  


    What hardware was the app running on? It looked a little sluggish.

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    Yeah, I would agree with ivan. The demo was not done on the right hardware it looks slow.


    Also, if you're trying to show an app that takes advantage of voice and touch, use a machine that has voice and touch capabilities for your demo... just saying...

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    1) This app I really like, I'll be emailing a ton of family members about it who might care about 3000+ recipes for free instead of buying cooking books or going online to random domains.

    2) This app is a WPF app, and first iteration WPF apps are almost always sluggish, but the main reason why its UI is laggy is because it's accessing Betty Crocker's remote recipe database and pulling info down from their internal DB, thus as slow as a web-app.  Hope it uses the local Compact SQL Install as much as possible though.

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    Sounds good, but I just tried it and didn't like it.

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    Unfortuantely the demo was running on a 3 year old laptop. So it performed pretty well considering Smiley This is really version .1 of the application. They're looking to make upgrades across a wide area of technologies. GMI is completely open to suggestions

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    You are correct... local SQL Compact...

    And again you're running on a laptop not say an HP Touch..

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