PowerPivot Deep Dive with Rob Collie (2/3)

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Presented at the Swedish SQL Server User Group meeting January 27th 2010 in Stockholm.

Part 2:

Temp Mashup Demo (Continued from part 1)

  • Loading Data
  • Simple Pivot
  • Mashup with Internet data
  • Calc columns and relationships
  • DAX Measures

DAX Measure Golden Rules

- Home Table = Fact Table

  • Wherever the column to be aggregated lives

- No naked columns!

  • Sum([Quantity]), never just [Quantity]
  • Measures themselves are also ok

- Calculations happen against the TABLES

  • Ex: Sum of a column in a PowerPivot table
  • NOT a sum of PivotTable cells
  • NOT a navigation of dimensional space

- Two Phases:  Filter, then Aggregate
- During Filter, think “Cell-by-Cell”
- Filters flow from One to Many, NEVER vice versa

Movie Explaining the Golden Rules

Rob Collie’s bio (from http://powerpivotpro.com/): "Excel geek, Business Intelligence professional, all-around data enthusiast, and one of the founding engineers behind PowerPivot, Microsoft’s new self-service BI offering."

Swedish SQL Server User Group: http://www.sqlug.se/



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